K. D. Fisher & Co. Pty. Ltd. is an electrical equipment provider who also specialises in safety and control systems.

Gas Detection, Monitoring and Consultation: Importing, marketing and consultation of gas detection and monitoring equipment for Australia. This department has a close association to our Electrical and Electronic Service Department for installation and maintenance.

Safety & Security Products: Importing, marketing and consultation of products such as breathing apparatus, harnesses and lifelines, gas detection equipment, thermal imaging cameras, access/time and attendance and security control systems.

Electronic Components: Importing, marketing, sales and distribution of electronic components such as switches, capacitors, power semi-conductors and air bellows for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

Power & Switchgear Products: Importing, marketing, sales and distribution of UPS batteries, power supplies and inverters for industry.

Electrical / Electronic Service & Engineering: Installation, servicing and supporting of our products and development of comprehensive service agreements for the ongoing maintenance of both fixed and portable electronic and electrical equipment. A major feature of this department is it's capacity to engineer safety and security control systems. Our staff are extremely competent in producing turn-key products.

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